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Sunday, 20 July 2014


ANICETUS Poetic RIDDLE                              Written by Beatrice O. Sargin
You know, he is an egotistical, self-deluded one of a kind person that I have ever known.
He’s a low born and so therefore behaves lowly, he was born into a family of twelve of which the parents are Acknowledgements,
From a lowborn status, he had six brothers and four sisters of which he was the first son of his low born class parents,
This family are of low born class but they are a wonderful, loving, peaceful, compassionate and happily united home, despite all the names they were called by others, they never accepted the names that were not theirs.
5              They believed and answered only their names given to them from birth. His sisters’ names are Charity, Hope, Faith and Peace, his brothers’ names are Knowledge, benevolence, loyalty, humility, holiness and righteousness and he was called Effort.
He was addressed as an egalitarian person by all because of his attitude to attune at all times despite his background,
These children believed so much on the family despite their background,
They never belittle themselves before others,
They were contended with the little they had,
10        They made the best of all their opportunities and they were all being recognized by all for their outstanding capabilities at all times.
The parents had no favorites’ of all their children, for they loved them equally,
There is a name the mother always calls him (Effort) deep in her heart, especially during his childbirth in her agony of labor. The fathers friends also calls him a three letter word name, same as that which the mother calls him secretly at heart, but the fact that no one calls a name to anyone that is being given by outsiders to them in the family.
His three letter word compulsory name was written in Gold by his beloved family’s heart and he is a rare gem for everyone called him this three letter word name of which he was forced to answer  by his closest friends SHY and CRY,
A name admired by all including his family, a name his family would never call him,
15           A three lettered word name, another name for effort; the name TRY

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