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Sunday, 20 July 2014


ANICETUS DOCTRINE ONE                                           created by Beatrice O. Sargin
Life is a path that we all must walk, and our choice determines the path we take. As we walk, we meet obstacles, foot stones, smooth roads and we also make friends along the way. In making and keeping friends, it varies for all humans are not the same, so therefore they reason and behave differently. Some friends you keep them deeper to your hearts because they have earned it. And others on the surface of your life because that is where they were meant to be. Friendship might lead to relationship, and in relationship, ladies should know that men are like buses, you try one, it drops you off as well as many others but eventually only ONE bus takes you home. Don’t let the attitude or you’re being too withdrawn in your own shell allow you to miss that ONE BUS that will take you home. Avoid making the same mistakes thrice or making mistakes because you are too scared of trying, resulting in you not trying at all. Mistakes were ordained by God, for as man we are not all perfect. So therefore, God set aside that mistake for you to have an experience and a stepping stone to greater things in store for you. If you are in a shell take a bold step out and give it a try, let the people around you feel your presence and learn also from other positive persons so that you will be a book that is referred to. Always TRY AGAIN until you succeed in life, despite how many falls you get, what is recorded in a success story is how many times you fought to get to where you are... 

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