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Sunday, 20 July 2014


STARS                                                                                                   Beatrice O. Sargin
As pretty as the moon,
As beautiful as the flower in blossom;
Are they stars that lighten up the skies.
As each glorious day fades away;
5              Stars begin to luminescence,
Above there up in the skies,
Twinkling bright!
Oh! Why do I feel like am soaring in the air;
Like a bird who has lost her nest?
10           Oh! It is the stars on the lovely clouds...
Oh! I love those stars above the skies...
Oh! That they knew my love they were.
The brightness of her robe would shame the moon;
Who is jealous of her sparkling radiance;
15           Glittering up in the skies,
Oh! Look at her twinkling so beautifully up in the skies,
Oh! That I were a cloud that I can give her a kiss,
She is the suns of the night,
She’s gentle,
20           She’s beautiful, selfless and loving at all times;
She’s so tender, compassionate;
Simple, humble, benevolence and holy with enough energy
To drown the sorrows of anyone on a cloud;
Who looks compassionately into a cloud at her
25           She gives excitement to young ones
And to the old who glimpse at her with delight,
So awesome as she is, never tired of twinkling bright up there in the skies,
She’s a pearl given to us all by mother earth.
As beautiful as she is in nature;
30           She’s a STAR...

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