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Sunday, 20 July 2014


DON’T FRET                                                                        Beatrice O. Sargin

Tic tac, tic tac, the clock ticks
Every second, every minute, every hour, everyday
But one very magnanimous day,
One cold and lonely night at about 12:35am,
5             Comes a rushing sound like the wind;
But, was not the wind;
The trees begun to shiver,
The earth began to tremble,
All halted! There was a complete silence all of a sudden;
10           All of the lights went off,
There was total darkness,
All technologies seemed to have faltered,
                I heard footsteps coming from the back of my window,
I hurriedly reached out for my phone but it just won’t switch on.
15           I reached out for my torch light but it turns out to be dead…
The steps were coming closer,
Then, I heard a rattling sound,
My body begun to shiver,
I tried to scream but to my greatest shock,
20           I couldn’t even hear myself.
O my! What’s happening?
I gently rolled from my bed to the floor,
Immediately, there was a sudden flash of light in my room;
My bed began to shake,
25           In utter darkness, my body began to shiver,
I sweated like I was in the shower with my clothes on,
On the floor I was, in complete darkness,
The windows and the doors began to clap consistently,
I tried reaching for my bible but couldn’t find it,
30           The footsteps came closer and stopped!
I felt a sharp cold shivered down my spine,
Still shaking I was,
I tried to go back to my bed to pretend like I heard nothing from the start,
Surprisingly my legs were stiffed,
35           From within, there was a voice calling out,
From within, my heart was saying;
” thou who fears something gives it power over it”
Still trying to move my sweaty body,
A cold sound dashed through my ears with a sharp sound ‘saying’ don’t fret!
40           I still just couldn’t believe what was happening,
I tried to lie down on the floor,
But there was this smell of blood and everywhere was as cold as ice,
Then I said to myself with my eyes closed,
I have seen, heard and perceived the worst of this earth!
45           And am not going to be afraid anymore!
My best days are yet to come!
O! My soul “don’t fret!” in the days of adversity!
Don’t fret when you can’t find your shadows!
Don’t fret when you can’t feel your feet!
50           Don’t fret when the earth is trembling!
Don’t fret when the world is against you!
Don’t fret, don’t fret and fret no more
There was complete silence….
I felt warmth in my heart,
55           Though my eyes were still shut;
I saw the brightest smile ever,
I perceived the loveliest fragrance ever,
I felt a warm embrace,
There was so much energy in me from within,
60           Much more than enough to hold anyone on a cloud,
There was light all of a sudden,
I discovered I was no longer stiff as I rose to pick up my phone and my torch light.
To my surprise;
The phone was never switched off and neither was the torch dead,
65           I was surprised, the time was 12:38am,
O my goodness!
I screamed and I heard my voice;
Everything seemed to be back to normal,
Except; for the fragrance that was left to remind me of a remarkable event.
70           I looked out through my window;
I saw the moon smiling down at me…
I realized that I had just broken out of my shell;
I went back to bed…
Each time my heart feels troubled,
75           The fragrance reminds me of how daring I could be if I want to;
If I could just don’t fret!
Through every stormy shadows,
When the wind starts to blow;
Something whisper from afar,
80           There’s a home, another heaven in my heart, fret not!

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