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Sunday, 20 July 2014


ANICETUS DOCTRINE TWO                          created by Beatrice O. Sargin    
 There is a good ship and a bad ship, but the best of all ships is a relationship that started with friendship. Friends come, some come and go, and others come and stay leaving an indelible mark in your heart. Some friends are like august visitors, they come by when they feel it’s necessary.
Don’t ever ignore friends, they all have a part to play in your destiny, making your story a remarkable one. Make new friends but don’t (never) forget the old ones. Be careful what you say or do because, vipers and snipers are amongst them friends, waiting to strike you from behind with your little mistakes of opening up certain things that are meant to be kept secret in your life. Be careful! Be wise! Know those amongst others whom you can trust with your secrets, so you would be sure that you are fetching water with bucket and not with baskets. Mind you, make a wise choice at it because trust can be dependent to you, but be sure to note that “TRUST IS EARNED’’ and it all depends on the mind of an individual to freely offer his or her trust to anyone without in turn considering if the person would in turn value it or be truthful to you or could stab or strike you with your mistakes. Life is a lesson full of experiences. Experience is the best teacher but most times, it is better not to taste of the experience of a common little avoidable mistakes

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