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Friday 30 June 2017

Top 2 Best Reasons Why People Practice Weight Loss & Keep Fit

Research has shown different reason why people strive to lose some weight and be fit through rigorous exercises and dieting. A lot of people even try anabolic meals, spend money and time looking for the best personal or fitness trainers to help them achieve their fitness goal over a period of time. The reason for all these varies as every individual is entitle to their own opinion about their different personalities. This brings me to the Top 2 reasons why people practice weight loss/dieting to lose weight and be fit.

1. Having Muscles Makes You Sexy:
Everyone wants to be forever young and want to always try out new stuff. In the 21st century it has been discovered that 90% of our vibrant community believe that having muscles makes you attractive. Naturally, once you look stunning, you attract a positive energy of people getting to want to know you more and be associated with you. Hence, a prestigious personality that is been built by you called "your own personal brand" giving you confidence in yourself and in your looks by working hard to remain at that peak or above.

I believe also that "muscles are sexy". Having them exposes you more, its like exploring yourself to your own little dream world by realizing your true worth & giving yourself "Self love" which is very important. In other to be fit, to get those dream six packs that you seek, you must be willing to give in something in return which is sacrifice. You are not only sacrificing your time, energy, money, cravings for some special snacks but you are on an adventure to pampering yourself with undiluted love as every effort pays in the end.

2. Storing Fat Makes You Look Older & Keeps You In Isolation:
When you have unnecessary fat stored up in your skin, or you simply look robust like you are suffering from obesity. Then you are in trouble. The reason is that you will generally have this huge appetite or cravings for snacks that will not help you to burn those unnecessary fat but will help you multiply your fat cells. When an individual is fat, they gradually loose their self esteem and they begin to feel or experience inferiority complex amongst their peers. They also tend to hide themselves away from the society therefore hiding their great potentials. Obese people try to build up a brand new personality again to give themselves a new purpose and meaning in life by watching their weight and the kind of food they eat on a daily basis.

The minute you decide you want to give up some old habits to better improve yourself that is when you know that you have decided to love yourself by treating your body right. Some snacks are healthy and majority are not. You need to know how best to boost your image and personality by maintaining an upright stand to help you get to where you want to attain in life. Dedication and commitment is everything it takes to self love. You must understand that these junk that you consume on a daily basis as snacks only have the interest of ruining your body by making you develop the habit of a non-stop hamburger or pastry eater.

It is very important to discover what you can do with your body no matter your age. Age is nothing but a number  so do not let your age factor keep you in the dark and prevent you from exploring new ideas. People limit themselves not life, when you chose to keep yourself isolated because of your looks then life will keep you isolated because of the low self esteem or value you have chose to place over yourself instead of love. Take that step today, life is too short, explore while you can and make an impression about yourself by building a remarkable personality. Best of luck!

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