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Sunday, 28 May 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Belly Fat

A lot of people struggle to get rid of this belly fat, but at first, they see it as a sign of good living which is actually a misconception about belly fat. Belly fat or potbelly (slang) as it is commonly called is a visceral fat, which means those stubborn fats that hang beneath the muscles in the stomach. This kind of fat is strongly associated with several health complications in humans.
Gone are those days when Men & Women with huge belly fat are seen to be the wealthy ones, all thanks to the power of information in research. People have come to realize the truth nowadays, the dangers of storing up belly fat posses danger to health and some are seriously seeking solutions to this their problem making use of several methods of dieting, surgical means such as liposuction, coolsculpting or tummy tuck.
How dangerous Can Belly Fat Be?
  1. Scientifically, belly fat has a strong connection with metabolic syndrome, heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes (type 2), etc
  2. Belly fat can lead to overproduction of hormones and chemicals which have a negative impact on health and keeps the individual at risk for diseases such as stroke, heart attack etc.
  3. Since belly fat is located close to the liver, during blood circulation, harmful toxins and chemicals produced by belly fat are circulated in the blood to the liver causing damage over time.
  4. Increased risk for cancer: Fat tissues in the abdomen swing the body of hormone production. These hormones produced tells the cells to divide, when cell division takes place the chances of mutation is increased which means that risk of cancer is also increased.
How Do I Know When I Have Belly Fat?
Belly fat is quite different from other types of fat. It is usually estimated by measuring the distance around your waist (not stomach) circumference, in other words, A simple tailor tape can be used to perform this simple test. Note that any value you get above 40inch/102cm in men and 35inch/88cm in woman shows that belly fat is present, then get ready to do something about it if not, you are in for serious trouble.
What Can I Do To Help Myself?
My mission here is incomplete if only I keep talking about belly fat without letting you know what to do when you find yourself in this condition. Below I outlined simple things you can do to keep belly fat at a distance;
  1. Eat less of refined sugar, as refined sugar is known to end up being produced as fat by the liver.
  2. Make sure protein is part of your diet.
  3. Exercise on weekly/daily basis

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