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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

4 Ways To Apply Natural Home-Made Remedies To Ease Up Depression and Anxiety

 Everyone is prone to anxiety and depression in our daily lives from one point in time to another. It is quite unfortunate that this has become a serious medical condition worldwide that needs to be addressed for a healthy lifestyle, but majority just look at it like its a normal thing and they don't need help or are not ready to spend their money going to consult doctors for what seems to be trivia or are too ashamed of being a victim and would not want to share their concerns with anyone no matter who they might be. Actually it takes lesser amount of time for stress and anxiety to hijack your emotional self thus disturbing your life, we all fall victims at one point in time in this case. Lots of people are unaware that stress is directly synonymous with our diets and essential nutrient deficiencies, there is a need to understand ourselves by doing a self study to know what we need to combat stress and reduce the horrible side effects. If you find yourself often in this condition, here are some useful tips of making use of natural and home-made remedies to ease up Depression and Anxiety, I will start from the most common down to the least:
  1. ORANGES : There is actually no one who has not seen an orange before or rarely a place where oranges can't be found. Oranges are very rich source of vitamin C and other essential vitamins. You might want to ask, how can orange help me ease up my depression and anxiety? Here's what you need to do, research has proven that the scent from an orange helps to reduce anxiety, even if you smell it while holding it, you'll still not get enough of it, here's how to get hold of the aroma of the orange to the fullest. Get the back of oranges and add them in a sauce pan with water inside and boil for about 10-20 minutes or even more and the aroma will fill your kitchen and the house thus reducing your anxiety. Alternatively if your heart if pounding faster than normal then you can make some freshly made orange juice mixed with nutmeg and honey, this will put an automatic stop to that effect. 
     2. NUTMEG : These are officially traditional spices that we use in doing most of our dishes and from the first example above. Most people don't like the spice when it is used in their meals but they have no idea the important role that nutmeg plays when the powder is used to spice our meals on an occasional basis.Nutmeg actually aids in promoting relaxation, fighting depression and also acts as a muscle relaxant. Therefore, it is excellent for treating anxiety, stress and depression. It is also believed to help improve sleep quality. All you need do is imply inhale the smell of nutmeg oil to uplift your mood and reduce brain exhaustion, this is helpful. You MUST also consider that too much intake of it is not good as well especially for psychiatric individuals because of its nutritional content. It should be used on occasional bases not daily.

3.  ALMONDS :  Almonds are not only healthy for you, but they play a vital role in relieving anxiety as well. Almonds have natural inbuilt calming properties and are usually fantastic for people suffering from depression, stress or moderate levels of anxiety. Instead of eating raw almonds, soak them in a dish of water overnight, peel them and blend them with a cup of warm milk. We are still going to add nutmeg and ginger to taste and drink the combination just before going to bed at night. The combination of almonds and warm milk will help to make your mind calm and allow you to get a well deserving night rest.

4. SESAME OIL : Ever tried a massage using a heated and warm sesame oil, this is virtually guaranteed to help you calm and relax your nerves and relieves you of anxiety. It doesn't matter who does the massage for you, whether or not you help yourself out with it, what's important is that you spend at least 20 minutes rubbing away the stress of the day before you eventually go to bed. Heat between seven to eight ounces of sesame oil in the microwave until it is warm, and apply rubbing it all over over your entire body, from your scalp down to the soles of your precious feet. Ensure to pay close attention to the back of your neck, your shoulders, your scalp and feet. Massaging the feet properly is also as good as massaging the whole body. The warmth, aroma and feel of the oil will help to relax your anxiety and stress almost immediately.

 There are often too many ways to mention, some people often try meditation, chamomile, Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon balm and lots more. But these methods above are easy to reach to help fight and combat stress, anxiety and often depression to make us live a healthy and well deserved life.

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